Pilgrimage to Your Spiritual Enlightenment

March 4 - March 16, 2025

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Tirtha is a Sanskrit word which means “Crossing place, a Ford or a Transit” which usually refers to a pilgrimage site or a holy place. It is believed that liberation can be achieved just by visiting those holy places. It is also believed that Tirtha not only removes suffering from one’s life but also uplifts one spiritually and bestows individual an elevated perspective of the Wholeness of life.

Nepal has been one of the most visited pilgrimage site among Hindus, Buddhist and Jains for centuries. It is also known as the birth place of Buddha and the land of Tantric practices. Many ascetics and Yogis used to visit the Himalayas of Nepal to gain spiritual enlightenment.

A commonly observed phenomenon is that the majestic Himalayas reflect the insignificance of the “Self” leading to the dissolution of the ego and opening the path to the spirituality.

The Swayambhu is very much pleased to organize the Tirtha / retreat in foothills of Himalayas in Nepal. The purpose of this retreat is not to provide a week of escape from day to day activities but to give a glimpse to the Wholeness of spirituality that is engrained in Nepalese tradition and culture and leave an imprint in seekers so that one sees the grandeur of life and celebrates it in each and every moment of life.

We will learn and understand the essence of the spirituality through Meditation, Yoga, Homa, symbols, rituals , Imageries, Visiting to Mandir /Temples and transform ourselves spiritually thus transforming all aspect of life.

Join us in this journey



Meditation, Yoga, Retreats, Free Programs & More...

Glimpse to the Eastern Spirituality

Nepal is a unique society where different perspectives of spirituality have grown together intermingling with each other from centuries. This retreat aims to provide a pilgrim how the different philosophies are thriving and celebrating each other on a common ground. Take a journey with us to get a glimpse.

तत् सत् (Tat Sat)

Holistic Healing for Inner peace

Peace is a ground for strength, knowledge, growth and prosperity. We incorporate Buddhist, Hindus, Yogic and Tantric practices of Nepal by using Sounds, Visuals, Mantras, Meditation techniques and more to heal the past traumas, sufferings, depressions to obtain an inner peace.

ॐ शान्ति (Om Shanti)

Connecting to the Spirits of the Mountain

Every ancient traditions have been observed worshipping mountains. In Nepalese culture, mountains are seen as the sacred entities and considered they have the spirit of their own. If one can observe and meditate, it is believed that one can connect with the wholeness of nature and be one with it.

ॐ मणि पद्मे हुँ (Om Mani Padme Hum)

Enlightenment (Transforming ones world view)

We always limit ourselves according to our understanding and thus view this world on the basis of that thought pattern. In this spiritual retreat, we guide individual to let go of those strongholds and encourage one to operate on their own intelligence to see the Nature of Reality on their own. Be ready to for this spiritual enlightenment.

तत् त्वम् असि (Tat Tvam Asi)

Events And Workshops

Tirtha Schedule



Airport Pickup and Hotel drop off

• 5:00 pm Welcome and Group/ Retreat introduction
• 7:00 pm Dinner
• 9:30 pm Bedtime



Kathmandu Spiritual Tour / Buddhist and Hindu Mandir/ Stupas (Temples and Monuments)

• 8:30 am Breakfast • 10:30 am Buddhanilkantha Temple Visit
• 12:00 pm Bhadrakali Goddess Temple Visit • 1:00 pm Lunch • 3:00 pm Shamanic cave Temple Visit
• 5:00 pm Boudhanath Stupa Visit • 7:15 pm Dinner • 9:15 pm Bed time



Ancient Tantric Town Visit

• 8:00 am Breakfast • 9:30 am Bhaktapur Visit
• 1:00 pm Lunch • 2:30 pm Patan Visit
• 7:15 pm Dinner • 9:15 pm Bed time



Drive to Pokhara and Phewa Lakeside Tour and Retreat Eve

• 6:30 am Drive to Pokhara • 9:30 am Breakfast
• 2:00 pm Lunch at the hotel • 4:00 pm Retreat Briefing • In between Free Time to Lake side visit/ shop
• 7:15 pm Dinner • 8:45 pm Yoga Nindra • 9:15 pm Bed time



Retreat Day: Spiritual Fire Element offerings. Sound bath and more

• 7:00 am Hawan (Spiritual Fire Element Offering) • 8:00 am Ashtanga Vinyasa (Yoga) • 9:30 pm Breakfast
• 12:00 pm Pranayama and Meditation • 01:00 pm Lunch • 3:30 pm Sound Bath
• 5:30 pm Hatha • 7:15 pm Dinner • 8:45 pm Yoga Nidra • 9:15 pm Bed time



Yoga Ashanas, Mindfulness Hike and more

• 7:00 am PranaYama • 8:00 am Ashtanga Vinyasa • 9:30 am Breakfast
• 11:00 am Hike to Peace pagoda and Shiva temple • 1:00 pm Lunch • 2:30 pm Meditation at Shiva temple
• 6:30 pm Dinner • 7:30 pm Kirtan (Celebration), Mantra chanting Meditation • 9:15 pm Bed time



Hilly Dive to Ghandruk , Meditation and more

• 7:00 am Pranaya and Meditation • 8:00 am Ashtanga Vinyasa • 9:30 am Breakfast
• 11:00 am Hilly Drive to Ghandruk • 2:00 pm Lunch • 3:00 pm Sound bath • 5:00 pm Ecstatic dance
• 7:00 pm Dinner • 8:15 pm Soma (Moon) Spirit Mountain Meditation • 9:30 pm Bed time



Yoga, Mountain Ceremony and more

• 7:00 am Yoga • 9:30 am Breakfast
• 11:00 am Group Work • 1:00 pm Lunch • 2:00 pm Free time
• 5:00 pm Ceremony • 7:00 pm Dinner • 8:30 pm Group Discussion • 9:30 pm Bed time



Mountain Meditation, Yoga Ashanas and more

• 7:00 am Surya (Sun) Spirit Mountain Meditation • 8:00 am Ashtanga Vinyasa (Yoga) • 9:30 am Breakfast
• 11:30 am Hilly Drive Back to Pokhara • 2:00 pm Lunch • 5:00 pm Hatha flow
• 7:00 pm Dinner • 8:00 pm Kirtan (Celebration) • 9:30 pm Bed time



Mountain Range Sunrise Viewing, Celebration and more

• 5:00 am Sarankot Visit • 9:30 am Breakfast • 11:00 am Sound Therapy Training
• 2:00 pm Lunch • 3:30 pm Taal Barahi Temple Visit
• 7:00 pm Dinner • 8:00 pm Kirtan (Celebration) • 9:30 pm Bed time



Drive back to Kathmandu + Shopping and Free time

• 6:30 am Drive to Kathmandu • 9:30 am Breakfast • 2:00 pm Lunch at the hotel
• 3:30 pm Thamel visit/ shop • 7:15 pm Dinner • 9:15 pm Bed time



Spiritual Cremation Ground tour and Pasupati Mandir Visit

• 8:30 am Breakfast • 9:30 am Flaming Lotus Temple visit • 1:00 pm Lunch at the hotel
• 2:00 pm Free Time • 4:00 pm Pasupatinath Temple Visit • 5:00 pm Spiritual Cremation ground tour
• 6:00 pm Pasupatinath Arati (Light Offering to the Universal Spirit) • 8:30 pm Dinner • 10:00 pm Bed time



Farewell + Airport Dropoff

• 9:30 am Breakfast • 11:00 am Review
• 12:00 pm See you Again