Astamangala Tingsha Chime 7 cm

Astamangala Tingsha Chime 7 cm

USD 55

Material: Bronze
Measurement: 7 cm Diameter
Weight : 575 gm
Brand: The Swayambhu
Code: astamangala7cmTingsha

Immerse yourself in the rich spiritual heritage of Nepal with our handmade Astamangala Tingsha Chime. Crafted in Kathmandu with uttermost care, This Tingsha is a masterpiece featuring the revered Astamangala, or eight auspicious symbols, each imbued with profound spiritual meaning.

Measuring 7 cm in diameter and weighing 9.2 ounces, this exquisite instrument is forged from a blend of seven sacred metals, predominantly bronze. This unique composition not only ensures durability but also enhances the resonance, creating a pure, enchanting sound that lingers in the air.

The Astamangala symbols adorning this tingsha—such as the Lotus, Conch, and Eternal Knot—carry deep significance in Buddhist and Hindu traditions, symbolizing enlightenment, purity, and eternal harmony.

Ideal for meditation and sound therapy, the Astamangala Tingsha Chime facilitates a calming atmosphere, allowing mindfulness and relaxation. Its clear, sustained tones invite focus and clarity during meditation sessions.

Beyond its meditative applications, this tingsha serves as a tool for prayer, invoking sacred energies, and can even be used as a musical instrument in rhythmic practices. Whether you're a practitioner seeking a deeper spiritual connection or simply drawn to its harmonious qualities, our Astamangala Tingsha Chime is a treasure from the heart of Nepal, resonating with the essence of ancient wisdom and serenity.


  • Size: 7 cm diameter
  • Weight: 9.2 ounces and 10.2 ounces with cover)