Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Vajra Bell 7 inches

Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Vajra Bell 7 inches

USD 64.99

Material: Bell Bronze
Measurement: 7 inches Tall
Weight : 900 gm
Brand: The Swayambhu
Code: VajraBell3.5

Introducing the Authentic Handcrafted Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Vajra Bell - Standing Tall at 7 Inches!

This exquisite bell is handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal and is standing gracefully at 7 inches with a bell diameter of 3.5 inches which encapsulates the essence of Tibetan Tantric Buddhist traditions.

Symbolizing the union of wisdom and compassion, this Vajra Bell holds profound meaning with its five delicate strands. Each strand represents an element - earth, water, fire, air, and ether - a harmonious convergence of energies that resonate through your spiritual practice.

To use, gently hold the Vajra Bell by its ornate handle and allow the serene chime to resonate. The sound reverberates through your being, transcending boundaries and inviting a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.

Benefits abound as you integrate this ancient ritual into your daily life. The Tibetan Buddhist bell serves as a conduit for centering your mind, fostering clarity, and attuning your inner self. With each resonant tone, you invite a moment of stillness, a pause in the chaos, and an opportunity to connect with your higher self.

Elevate your spiritual practice with the timeless elegance of the Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Vajra Bell. Let its soothing chime guide you towards a deeper connection with your inner world and the profound teachings of Tibetan wisdom. 

Unlock the essence of ancient wisdom - order your Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Vajra Bell today and immerse yourself in its transformative melody.


Material : Bell Bronze

Weight: 410 grams

Measurement: 7 inches tall

Bell Dimension: 3.5 inches