Vajra Tibetan Buddhism Handmade Heavy Brass Craft- Dorje

Vajra Tibetan Buddhism Handmade Heavy Brass Craft- Dorje

USD 29.99

Material: Brass
Measurement: 4.75 inches
Weight : 370 gm
Brand: The Swayambhu
Code: Vajra4.75

Introducing the Vajra Tibetan Buddhism Handmade Heavy Brass Craft a mesmerizing masterpiece brilliantly handcrafted in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal. This exquisite piece, also known as the Dorje, transcends mere craftsmanship, embodying profound spiritual significance that resonates with the depths of Tibetan Buddhism.

The Dorje, a symbol of unyielding spiritual power and clarity, is thoughtfully brought to life by the skilled hands of Nepalese artisans. Fashioned from heavy brass, each intricate detail captures the essence of the ancient traditions it represents, creating a visual and tactile masterpiece that invites you to explore the realms of wisdom and enlightenment.

At the heart of the Vajra lies a wealth of spiritual significance. Rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, the Dorje embodies the unity of opposites, merging both wisdom and compassion. It serves as a potent tool for spiritual practitioners, helping them navigate the delicate balance between the five wisdoms and the five poisons, transcending duality and embracing profound transformation.

The central node or nothingness symbolized by the Vajra encapsulates the ultimate reality – a state of pure awareness that lies beyond conceptual limitations. This emblematic void resonates with the infinite potential within each of us, inviting us to shed illusions and embrace the profound truth of existence.

When the Vajra strikes, it leaves a resonance that echoes through the soul, igniting a powerful state of enlightenment. The sudden impact of the strike symbolizes the potential for immediate awakening, emphasizing that enlightenment is not a distant destination but an ever-present reality waiting to be unveiled.

Adorn your sacred space with the Vajra Tibetan Buddhism Handmade Heavy Brass Craft and invite the transformative energy of enlightenment into your surroundings. Let the intricate details and profound symbolism serve as a reminder of the inner journey you tread, a visual testament to the power of sudden awakening and the eternal potential for enlightenment.

Elevate your spiritual practice, infuse your surroundings with ancient wisdom, and honor the profound teachings of Tibetan Buddhism with the Vajra handmade Craft. As you gaze upon this exquisite creation, you'll be reminded of the boundless power that resides within, waiting to be awakened, embraced, and shared with the world.


Material: Brass

Measurement: 4.75 cm

Weight: 170 grams