Tibetan Handmade Vajra Bell 6.5 inches

Tibetan Handmade Vajra Bell 6.5 inches

USD 54.99

Material: Bell Bronze
Measurement: 6.5 inches Tall
Weight : 720 gm
Brand: The Swayambhu
Code: VajraBell3.25

This Tibetan Vajra Bell exceptional piece brings together the essence of ancient Tibetan traditions and the skillful craftsmanship of local artisans, making it a treasure to behold and cherish.

The Vajra Bell, also known as the "Ghanta" and "Dorje," holds profound spiritual significance in Tibetan Buddhism. The Vajra, symbolizing indestructibility and the unyielding power of enlightenment, complements the Bell, representing wisdom and the sacred feminine. Together, they embody the perfect union of male and female energies, fostering harmony and balance in your spiritual practice.

Support the preservation of traditional art forms and the livelihood of talented artisans by welcoming this Vajra Bell into your life. With each purchase, you contribute to the continuation of the timeless heritage of Nepalese craftsmanship.

Adorned with intricate carvings and symbols, this handmade masterpiece exudes an aura of spirituality and mystique, taking you on a transformative journey through the ancient teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.

Embrace the power of the Vajra Bell, and let its sacred vibrations resonate through your soul, elevating your spiritual practice to new heights. Invite tranquility, wisdom, and enlightenment into your life with this timeless piece of art, an authentic reflection of the spiritual richness of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Note: Singing Bowl set displayed at the back is not included.


Height: 6.5 inches

Diameter of bell: 3.25 inches

Weight: 11.50 ounces or 326 grams